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Thank you to our sponsors for their financial contribution and support of co-working at Fusion 54.

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Fusion 54 is a place where entrepreneurs and small business startups can access the resources and support needed to begin and develop, and where dreams become real. Your support, through a variety of sponsorship options, will help make it all happen.

What is Co-Working at Fusion 54?

It's a way of working for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, independent contractors and others in a  business-like environment. It's a place to learn, share ideas, and network, and with access to resources and support for businesses to begin and grow.

What does your sponsorship do?

Your support plays an important role in creating a strong entrepreneur environment in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County. By supporting Fusion 54, you're supporting local entrepreneurs and small business development. At the same time, your sponsorship serves as an advertising avenue for your own business with exposure through a variety of ways.

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