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Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about Fusion 54 and the exciting things that are happening in Crawfordsville.  We are confident you will find that Fusion 54 and the Fusion 54 Co-working Studio offer an innovative and unique opportunity to enhance collaboration and nurture new ideas.  We have “fused” together as many elements of growth and success as possible within the walls of Fusion 54 to create unmatched levels of synergy and help propel our community and the creative ideas of entrepreneurs into a successful reality.  The partners present in Fusion 54 are truly unique in the co-working world and result in a powerful platform for success. 


- Mayor Todd Barton


Fusion 54 was the cornerstone of the Stellar vision when the City of Crawfordsville was designated a Stellar Community in 2015.  It transforms how Crawfordsville does business by creating unmatched levels of synergy and collaboration. Owned and operated by the City of Crawfordsville, this unique space incorporates city and county growth entities – including the Crawfordsville/Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery County Visitors & Convention Bureau, Montgomery County Leadership Academy and Crawfordsville Main Street – a co-working studio and Wabash College’s Center of Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship all under one roof. Fusion 54 opened in September of 2018 and serves a central meeting location for a variety of non-profit community groups, while also maintaining a strong entrepreneurial environment for independent professionals and startup businesses in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County. 

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Who is Fusion 54 for?

Co-working spaces are beneficial to freelancers, businesses of any size, entrepreneurs, remote employees, and even non-profit organizations! 

Fusion 54 offers open seating at desks, tables, and comfortable chairs throughout our second floor Co-Working Studio. We have conference rooms, and large meeting spaces available for bigger meetings, and small rooms available for more private conversations. If you can dream it, we can help you do it!

We know that it's not always easy to work from the same place every day...switch up your environment and come work here at Fusion 54

Why should I use Fusion 54?

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1. Location - We are conveniently located on the corner of Main and Washington downtown Crawfordsville. We are within walking distance of many local businesses, restaurants, and shops!

2. Amenities - A Fusion 54 membership comes with access to event & meeting space, use of kitchenette spaces, networking opportunities, printing, scanning, and copying wirelessly, presentation capabilities, and FREE COFFEE!

3. Community - As a member, you will get to work closely with other members in the space. You can share ideas, brainstorm, and network with one another. You also have direct access to the city's growth entities: Montgomery County Visitor's and Convention Bureau, Crawfordsville Main Street, Montgomery County Leadership Academy, and the Crawfordsville - Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce!

4. Reliable Internet - Here at Fusion, you will have access to free high speed internet and WiFi connections! Each floor has its own internet router to ensure a strong and fast connection!

5. Workspace Design - All of our spaces in Fusion 54 have the ability to move tables and chairs to best fit your work needs! We have a number of different types of seating arrangements too - from table and chairs, to comfy seats, and even bar stool seating in the kitchenette!

6. Price - For as low as $40/month you can have access to the Fusion 54 
co-working studio during normal business hours, and for just $60/month you can have unlimited all-access to the building with a personal access fob!

Who is Fusion 54 for?
Why should I use Fusion 54?
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